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Success is determined by cultivating individual and organizational excellence that produces results.

At a time when public schools are experiencing intense scrutiny and ever increasing demands for continuous student improvement, it has become imperative for school communities to collaborate in the development of concise, comprehensive plans to successfully meet local, state, and federal standards.

Successful school improvement planning must be a carefully developed, long- term program that is data driven and well grounded in proven educational research and best practices. There is no “magic bullet” or quick fix. Effective long-term school improvement is achieved by energizing all stakeholders to successfully meet the needs of their students and their communities.

The Family Friendly Schools Engage! All Families Five-Step Process will provide school communities with a program to experience sustained academic success by exposing a clear path to a positive school culture that engages all parties to meet successfully their district/school wide mission. This cohesive approach creates a network of integrated relationships between leaders, staff, and families to insure communication, eliminate isolation and generate a plan for all students to achieve at a high level.

Where are we?

The Family Engagement Survey is a 32-question survey, available in English and Spanish (other languages may be available upon request).

The survey gathers information in four domains of family engagement.

1. The welcoming environment of the school toward families
2. The degree to which the school supports learning at home
3. Effective two-way communication between home and school
4. Degrees of engagement (i.e. policy, governance, parental efficacy)

FFS generates a customized Family Engagement Report of the data collected for each school participating in the study and a cumulative district overview report. This comprehensive analysis reveals specific areas of development to create measurable, strategic Family Engagement processes.

In addition to the survey results, FFS can provide family and community opinion research through Qualitative analysis. Through focus groups and individual interview research, FFS obtains important community based information to enhance your engage all families process.

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Learn, Plan, Execute

The Engage! Workshop is a two-day event designed to create positive and productive school cultures to advance the achievement of all students through explicit family engagement processes.

At the conclusion of the institute participants will be able to:

1. Develop dynamic relationships between Leadership, Staff, and Families.
2. Assess individual school dynamics, identify programs, practices, procedures, and policies which are Family Friendly; and identify those that lead to disenfranchised and disengaged families.
3. Use available and collected data to create and implement a measurable plan and process to create dynamic family engagement.
4. Measure and improve student achievement through systemic family engagement practices.
5. Design and create a school culture that supports achievement of all students.

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Nurturing Accountability

FFS designed Distance Coaching, sometimes called EdCoach, as a practical, cost-effective way for our Certified Family Engagement Specialists to maintain close and consistent contacts with the cadre team participating in the Workshop.

Through external moderation, Distance Coaching increases the likelihood that Workshop customers will return to their schools and implement, execute, and maintain an engaged culture.
We take the responsibility of guiding and nurturing each individual group so you don't have to.

Distance Coaching (usually) includes the following:

1. Two (post institute) web/tele-coaching per school with a Certified family engagement specialist using state-of-the-art, web-based software.
2. Focused time during these 45 minute to one hour sessions to work on opportunities and challenges teams are facing implementing the family engagement process and to provide support, guidance, and leadership.
3. Access to an archive of sessions for repetitive learning and for a team member unable to attend live sessions.

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Progress Report & Mid Course Corrections

The FFS Tracking Survey provides the ability to follow or "track" the progress of individual school family engagement plans by soliciting feedback from both families and staff. Two tracking surveys are conducted, one at the mid-mark and one at the end of the Engage process.

Mid-Mark Survey = Progress Report

If the results do not meet expectations, we adjust and make the necessary mid-course corrections to keep you on track.

Year-End Survey = Report Card
In comparing the baseline to this survey we determine the effectiveness in implementing the Family Engagement Model.

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Motivation, Training & Staff Capacity Building

Engagement is all about relationships and at FFS we believe in building meaningful relationships with our clients that liberate greatness. Consequently, step five involves onsite visits for executive planning, team building, and professional development sessions lead by members of the FFS team of engagement specialists.

We recommend a minimum of two onsite visits per school year.

FFS will assist you in selecting the right professional programs for your organization based on data collection and progress.

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Schools at this stage of the Family Friendly Schools Engage All Families Five-Step Process enjoy meaningful Family Engagement with a majority of their family population. Previously disengaged families are now fully involved in the school processes and support the educational lives of their children. Conditions such as ELS, Poverty, Special Education, Leadership, etc. are improved. Absenteeism is reduced, AYP goals are met, and Student Achievement is dramatically improved. The culture has experienced a turnaround and is now engaged.

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This is not the end of the benefits you will receive from Family Engagement. Your Family Engagement process has reached the tipping point and will produce sustained academic improvement by fueling your engaged culture despite inevitable political mandates, economic fluctuations, or sociological swings.